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Now Version 3.0! - Read Release Notes

Version 3.0 Release Notes

Configurable Alerts – to make sure you are aware of anything unusual

Administrator Users can select Numbers or DDI/Ext's and set criteria for when an Alert is triggered. An Alert can be based on individual call cost or call duration. It can also be triggered based on the total number of calls by a given Number during the period. Every month Alerts are emailed to nominated individuals. Old Alerts can be regenerated at the click of a button.

Labelling – to make it easier to read reports

Instead of a long list of numbers, reports can now display labels. Labels can be added for numbers by Adminstrator Users. All users can then toggle between Number and Label view.

Labels can be applied to Numbers and DDI's/ Ext's.

Control of User Views by Number Group

A User can only view data from Numbers that are in the Groups that the User is permitted to see. Other Numbers and associated data are not available. Administrators can see all Groups and Users and control the Groups that each User can see

Access & Export

Users can now log in using a User Name which is not their email address. This allows an email address to have more than one User associated with it.

Export is now via an email rather than a download within the browser. This avoids the user experiencing any delay while reports are generated.

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New in Version 3.0

  • Configurable Alerts
  • Number Labelling
  • Users' views restricted by Number Group

myPSU - Call Management Software

  • Monthly and annual views of call activity
  • Comprehensive reports of fixed and mobile services
  • 'Down to desk' billing
  • Mobile Roaming and SMS
  • Non-geographic, incoming call reporting
  • Usage of Premium numbers
  • Internet connection services – broadband, Leased Line etc
  • Comprehensive Mobile Phone billing reports
  • Export via email of all key reports

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